Wife Appreciation Day is Sept. 17, and We’re Celebrating


I had no idea Wife Appreciation Day was a thing. In fact, there’s a day for husbands too, and I didn’t know about that either. Wife Appreciation Day is the third Sunday in September (Sept. 17, 2017), and Husband Appreciation Day is the third Saturday in April (April 21, 2018). It is said that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day recognize moms and dads, while these appreciation days honor spouses without children. Okay, makes sense.


As I’m writing this, I’m thinking about all the things my husband does to make my life better, our life together better and our household a home. In our home, he’s the spider getter (he won’t kill them), a grass trimmer, a handyman, an electrician, a mechanic, a cleaner – the list goes on. In my life, he’s my number one fan, my confidant, my partner, my second hand, my best friend – the list could continue here too.


My point is, as spouses, we do a lot for each other and our homes. We absolutely deserve a day to be celebrated! I know, I know…you should do little things for your spouse every day, and there’s not just one day to show appreciation. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. We celebrate birthdays to celebrate being alive, when we could technically honor that every day. You make an ordinary day feel special to honor something or someone that deserves it. So, I’m excited to start celebrating the spousal appreciation days! (Lucky for me, my day is right around the corner. Sorry, Doll.) Are we going to go all out for Wife Appreciation Day? Of course, not! I don’t even know what we’ll do. It’s more about acknowledging the day and what it means.


How to Celebrate Wife Appreciation Day

Are you wondering how to celebrate Wife Appreciation Day? I don’t think it has to be celebrated on the same level as Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. (But, if you do, all the power to ya!!) In fact, when I mentioned the appreciation days to my husband, I think I saw him panic from thinking he’d have to go searching for some elaborate gift. Not the case. Cozying up with one of the most bingeworthy Netflix shows, going out for a drink or making dinner at home would suffice for me. Or, maybe one of my favorite dates, a date night at home. (If you want to plan a sexy and perfect at home date, grab this checklist!)


Regardless of how we decide to celebrate these spousal appreciation days, I’m just looking forward to making extra memories with my honey. Happy celebrating!


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