How to Plan a Sexy Date Night at Home

When is the last time you and your partner had a fun and flirty night in? No, I’m not talking about when you binged Netflix and ordered pizza. (Although that’s one of my favorite pastimes.) No, that quickie on the couch Tuesday night doesn’t count. I’m talking about just you and your partner, enjoying each other and the moment – connecting without any distractions and having fun doing it. My husband and I love our sexy at home date nights, and they can be a fun alternative to going out. Continue reading for tips on how to plan a sexy date night at home!


Set the Vibe

Yes, ambiance counts and setting the mood is a real thing. Lights down low, pick up the place, light some candles, play some tunes. You don’t need a ton of candles, just a few. Remember to pick scents that seem inviting – everyone’s choice will be different! (We love sweet and musky scents!) Choose music that both you and your partner like. Mix it up and have different playlists on hand for throughout the evening. You never know where the night will lead, but there’s probably a common destination in mind. 😉


Get Foxy

When you feel sexy, you are undoubtedly sexy to your partner. So, make yourself feel like the fox you are! Take some time to shave, moisturize and freshen up your hair and makeup. I like to keep my makeup light by washing my face, and only reapplying mascara, under eye moisturizer, blush and lip color – oh, and of course penciling in my brows. It makes your face feel clean and refreshed while accenting your feminine features. Slip on something sexy (and comfortable), spritz a little perfume and voila! One of my favorite outfits is a teddy or chemise with a short robe, and the scent that always makes me feel foxy is “Temptress” by Harvey Prince. I think the name speaks for itself here. 🙂


Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Would you have a party without food and beverages? Of course not. So, you’ll need some snacks for your party for two as well! Think easy appetizers because you won’t want to spend much time preparing food – antipasto plate, meatballs, shrimp cocktail, cheeses, etc. are easy to prepare and easy to eat while hangin’ with your honey.


Get Your Game On 

Next stop? Game stop! But, not that game stop. There are handfuls of romance games designed to connect a couple throughout the duration of the game. Some of mine and my husband’s favorite couple’s games are “Date Night,” a card game by Pure Romance, and “Lust or Love,” a board game we bought from Amazon. You can browse similar games on Amazon, Ebay or Pure Romance. If you’ve never played one of these flirtatious games, you’re in for a treat – they usually end with a bang.


If you plan on having an at home date night or already have them, I’d love to hear how they work for you! Please comment below!


Want some help planning your next date night at home? I got you! Just grab the downloadable checklist below.


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