You Can Make or Break Your Spouse’s Self-Confidence

I was recently celebrating at a girlfriend’s bachelorette party when my husband sent me a text message that instantly boosted my self-confidence.  The girls and I were about to hit the town, but I was not feeling very sexy. I think my words to the girls were, “I feel like I look like a 12 year-old.” I sent a selfie, along with my words of disappointment, to my husband, and the response I received immediately flipped my perspective of myself. Here’s what he wrote back:


After reading his mini pep-talk, I felt FABULOUS. Even when he was nowhere near me, my husband affected my mindset and my self-confidence. (And of course, that self doubt I experienced came from a little insecurity I have.)


I think it’s easy to forget how much we impact our significant others’ confidence. Our opinions carry so much weight for our partners, and what we think or say hits home. To me, my husband is the sweetest, smartest, coolest, most handsome and most fun guy out there. So, of course, I take his opinion to heart. If his opinion was a negative one of me, I believe I would also see myself in that negative light. Maybe not immediately, but over time, that perspective would start to creep into my mentality. Because the way he sees me affects how I see me.


How you treat and respond to your spouse affects the way they see themselves. If your spouse feels appreciated, loved and accepted at home, they will carry that confidence with them wherever they go. And it makes them expect those things in return, whether it be at work or with family and friends. Your confidence in your spouse gives them the confidence to be 100 percent themselves, unapologetically.


Do I need my husband’s validation? No. (Those compliments though. 😉) But when I’m feeling inadequate or down on myself, his opinion packs enough punch to revert my state of mind. The wrong partner can make you feel insecure, but the right partner can help you feel so confident that you can go into the world and conquer absolutely anything. That’s what better halves are for, right?



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